My Trip to Myanmar with Global Village for Hope

My observations in Myanmar

Due to my work with L-Intelligent Horizons Eduhub as one of their team leaders on their Special Projects, as well as managing web content and marketing, I had the opportunity to be a part of my founder's social work initiatives in Myanmar.

Officially known as Global Village for Hope, it is founded by Linus Lin Guo Yao, and currently brings donations to places in need, not to be given as cash handouts to people, but to be used to fund actual projects that will generate greater value for the local community in the long run.

I went down to Myanmar twice during my summer break (I'm also currently pursuing a BBM at Singapore Management University). I was in Yangon from 25th -27th May for a very short trip, and in Mindat (further north) from 6th July to 10th July.

Below is a list of mini observations I have observed from my short experience in Myanmar:

• There is a huge difference in standard of living between urban areas such as Yangon, and areas that are rural or far away from main settlements

• Many issues such as having basic access to clean water and shelter is common for many in the country

• Public transport is an issue, and Singapore's problems in the transport industry pales in comparison to what they currently face

• Local partners is a must have for social initiatives to be successful, as well as good systems to ensure proper governance and management of money (Donations or social enterprises)

• The long list of problems and challenges that people in Myanmar face is also a long list of needs waiting to be fulfilled by those who are able to generate value

• An orphanage can be simply defined as an individual(s) who voluntarily decides to take care of a few children's need for food, education and shelter, and treating them as his/her own children under a roof.

I look forward to my next visit there, most likely towards December 2015.

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